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The trees have lost their leaves, Mother Nature was giving us clues during Autumn to once again let go of that which no longer nourishes us or is useful. Winter is now upon us. It is a time of hibernation, reduced activity, rest and internal reflection or internal work. It is also a time for reintegration, repair and prePink Snow Gumsparation for the coming time of planting and new beginnings. How does winter affect you? The longer nights and cold weather. Do you have a place where you feel warm, safe and nurtured? Do you allow yourself time to reflect on what the last 12 months have bought you and plan where you would like to be in the coming 12 months? As nature has her seasons we also have seasons and to be ready for the coming Spring and new growth we need to conserve our energy, go within and reconnect with ourselves.

Winter is represented by the element of Water in the 5 Element Theory and relates to the Kidney and Bladder Meridians in Traditional Chinese Theory. Water is about fluidity, allowing the flow of ideas, thoughts and concepts and you can see this in nature with a quiet calm lake, a raging rive or the frozen glaciers. If we do not experience this fluidity then we are not able to adapt. We react to life circumstances instead of responding. Water also relates to the mystery of life – our ability to overcome our fears and allow uncertainly to fulfil our dreams.

Human Kidneys AnatomyThe Kidneys are involved in controlling the balance of fluids with in the body and filtering out the waste material in the blood, moving this waste to the bladder to be excreted via the urine. The Kidney Meridian also involves the adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidneys and secrete a wide range of hormones that regulate metabolism, excretion, immunity, sexual potency and fertility. The brain and spinal cord are also governed by the Kidney Meridian so poor memory, inability to think clearly and backache are a sign of impaired kidney function and deficient kidney energy.

The waste material filtered by the kidneys is stored and excreted via the Bladder. The Bladder Meridian relates to how hydrated/lubricated we are, our ability to allow the free flow of energy in our lives or how tight, concentrated or inhibited we feel. How we cope with mystery, duality, paradox or imperfections. If the Bladder meridian is balanced then we are tolerant and flexibility.

So during the colder, darker time of the year how can we nourish ourselves? How can we bet the winter blues and feel rejuvenated for the coming Spring?

  • get more rest – go to bed earlier, sleep in
  • make time for some inner work – this may be meditation, journalling or self reflection
  • warming foods also use spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamon or nutmeg
  • spend time with loved ones – this has always been the season to gather round the ‘fire’ and connect or reconnect with those who are important to you

Nourishing yourself during this time of year will see you re-energised, ready to jump into the new opportunities that present themselves when Spring arrives with it’s longer days.

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