It is now getting close to Christmas and I notice each year people getting more and more stressed. So much to do before Christmas, with the countdown a constant reminder of how many days you have left to do everything!

My question is why do we need to do “everything” and create a “perfect” Christmas? Why do we need to stress out, overstretch our budget and ourselves? We spend a fortune buying stuff for each other, many gifts are unwanted and end up in landfill, a charity bin, on ebay or being re-gifted anyway! In this busy world spending time with your loved ones and friends is far more valuable than any stuff, that is what I call a “perfect” Christmas.

Since when did Christmas become a competition with who can spend the most and who can eat the most? It has just become another excuse for excess. It is not about spending thousands of dollars on gifts, fixing up the house so it can be just perfect and stressing yourself out to breaking point leading up to Christmas day.

It is no wonder that there are so many family fights on the day, people put so much pressure on themselves leading up to the day that they are already well “over it” before the day! We seem to place a bunch of unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others about what we should have achieved by Christmas and how our experience “should” be. It is just too much pressure for everyone involved!

What happens after Christmas Day, Boxing Day and then the next day and then the next. Life goes on……the world will not stop because you didn’t buy perfect gifts, send Christmas cards or fix up the house! It is just another day. A day with special significance that has nothing to do with shopping and stressing!

Ever since I started relaxing about Christmas, I have been able to enjoy it and really connect with people without the stress and expectation! It is your responsibility to create your own experience, don’t rely on others to shape it for you! Think about what you can do to make your Christmas less stressful, you may get some ideas from this to do list!christmas-to-do-list

Here is a funny but true song about Christmas Landfill (beware of a little swearing).

More tips about surviving Christmas here and here.

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