Weight Loss and Stress Management series of workshops

Workshops on Thursday 4, 11, 18 and 25 November 2010 from 10.00am at the Coffee Club, opposite Nepean River in Penrith (NSW, Australia). $10 per person.

The ‘Coffee Club’ in conjunction with ‘Looking Good and Feeling Great’ are now holding Weight Loss and Stress Management Workshops at the Coffee Club. These workshops are great for anyone who:

  1. Has struggled with Losing Weight in the past
  2. Is trying to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Long Term
  3. Finds the topic of Nutrition and Weight Loss Confusing
  4. Is currently suffering from Stress in their lives
  5. Would like to learn some Stress Management techniques that they can apply in a quick convenient manner





Looking Good and Feeling Great are offering all Coffee Club customers the opportunity to learn more about Weight Loss and Stress Management and how they can achieve success in their day to day lives. The workshops will be held by three leading practitioners in their field in the Penrith area:

  1. Denver Oliveux Personal Trainer and owner of Looking Good and Feeling Great
  2. Linda Campbell Hypnotherapist from Mind Mastery
  3. Fiona Kane  Nutritionist from Informed Health

Together each Health Practitioner can help you understand how to overcome your current struggles with Weight Loss and Stress Management and provide you with a range of techniques, programs and advice that if applied will leave you Looking Good and Feeling Great!!

The details of our next workshop are as follows:

When:  11th November from 10:00am to 11:00am

Where:  The Coffee Club, Tench Avenue,  Penrith (opposite the Nepean River)

Cost:      $10

For more information contact:

Looking Good and Feeling Great

Tel: 0403 691 855

Email: enquiry@lgfg.com.au

Website: www.lgfg.com.au

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