Weight Loss

Have you tried every Diet and still Overweight?

Having trouble Losing Weight or Lose Weight but Re-Gain it every time, Plus More?

Are you OVER the Diet Merry-Go-Round? Well jump off!

It’s time to take a different approach, it is important to know that health comes in many sizes, so consider why you want to achieve weight loss? Our focus is on health, is your weight affecting your health? If so, we can help you with a healthy and holistic approach to managing your weight.  We teach you how to Nurture and Nourish Yourself to Health!


Want real weight loss solutions? We can help

How our Nutritionists can help you:

We have a specific program to achieve a healthy weight, we also understand that health comes in many sizes: Your Ultimate Wellbeing Program.

  • Personalised Plan: our Nutritionists provide a complete guide to a healthy way of eating for life including personalised one on one consultations, health education recipe book and tips for easy healthy meals using REAL FOOD. We also
  • Hormonal balancing: we get your fat loss hormones working for you!
  • Balancing blood sugar levels: stopping the sugar cravings! It is not about “will power”. There is a biochemical reason that you are feeling hungry or having cravings and we address the biochemistry and the balance of nutrients in your diet so you are never hungry and not having cravings.
  • Mood support: to help you have the motivation and energy to achieve your fat loss goals and maintain it for life!
  • Emotional support: we all know that it is often about so much more than food and exercise, we can support you to get and insight to emotional eating and help you to create a toolkit to manage it! Our programs/consultations can be done with one practitioner however many of our clients enjoy having some appointments with Rebecca and some with Fiona. Rebecca is a real foodie so she is great at helping with recipe ideas and helping you to create healthy changes at home based on your situation. As a Nutritionist and Holistic Counsellor, Fiona helps our clients with emotional support, self-talk, emotional eating, relationships, life strategies and much more.
  • Practical advice and ongoing tips: advice and recipes in one on one consultations but also via newsletters and social media.
  • – Food sensitivities: we help you navigate any food sensitivities you may have. It is important to know how to ensure you get all of your important nutrients if you need to avoid certain foods.
  • Paleo / LCHF friendly


Weight loss programs with a Nutritionist – we can help

Weight loss is not about “calories in and calories out” which has been the belief for the past 30-40 years. There are many factors besides diet and exercise that are commonly overlooked. If these factors are not addressed, often there is no weight change at all or there is in the beginning and then it stops, so you give up, and accept weight problems and obesity as something you have to live with for the rest of your life. The key factors that also need to be addressed are food sensitivities, stress, hormones, inflammation, adequate rest, detoxification, healthy digestive function and nutrient absorption.

Your body normally goes through a crucial detoxification cycle at night while you sleep, which is triggered by the lowering of cortisol. However, this cycle does not always occur if you are suffering from excessive stress or if you have trouble sleeping. Without this very important detoxification cycle, you will not lose weight!

Your dietary hormones also must be in perfect balance at all times for you to lose weight and keep it off. This depends completely on the balance of food groups in each meal you eat – (fats, carbohydrates and protein) not necessarily the amount calories in that meal. Insulin is your weight gain hormone, and needs to be controlled at each meal. Without this insulin control, you will continue to gain weight, and increase inflammation in your body, speeding up development of disease and the aging process.

At Informed Health we also focus on what gets in the way, why we know what to do and don’t do it, or sabotage ourselves.

Our Nutritionists understand that it is not about “will power”, we support you to get real results and get back into life, IT’S YOUR TURN!


Want to stop calorie counting? We can help