I have noticed over the past 10 years a rise in women who look like barbie dolls or animated caricature style characters.

It is not new for women to want to look their best whether it be with make up, fashion, piercings, exercise, diet and sometimes surgery. However for the most part the goal was to look the best version of yourself, to highlight your natural beauty. I am struggling to understand why women are choosing to look like some sort of caricature of a woman? I am not judging;  I am really trying to understand it!

Being a teenager of the 80s I totally get, really bad fashion and hair, it is just that most of what we did for what we perceived as “beauty” could be changed (except for those poor women who plucked their eyebrows bare in the 70s). You would grow out of a bad perm or bad haircut. It is important to remember that we thought we looked good in the 80s, we even liked the mullet and I am sure some people think that the caricature look is attractive now.

My concern is that the changes women can and are making to their bodies now are often permanent and come with many health risks. They are very expensive on many levels (monetary, time and potentially health wise).  For generation X the 80s look is just a funny and embarrassing Polaroid photo, for this current generation the consequences will live way beyond your youth.

This “fashion” appears to have come along with the rise of Insta and so called reality tv, these are the “stars” that seem to have made this look popular.  If you have this look and it makes you happy, I am pleased for you, I am just wondering how many women are making these changes because they think it is the only way they can be beautiful, popular or worthy.

Watching MAFS again this season (yes I know it’s trash) I have noticed that the kind of man who is attracted to a caricature style woman/doll is the kind of man who wants to live out his fantasy with a real life doll and show her off to his mates, not necessarily the kind of man who wants to love her for who she is, have an intellectual relationship and grow old together.

I absolutely believe in a woman’s right to make her own choices and am well aware that nobody needs my permission nor my approval to choose what is right for them. I am however concerned about the physical, financial and emotional consequences that these choices will have for these women and I am also concerned that some young girls may see this look as the coveted look, as if we don’t have enough issues with body image without wondering why we can’t look like a doll!

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