There’s a good reason why families should eat together.

Constant stress can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, but according to a new survey from the American Heart Association, regularly eating meals with others lowers stress and in turn, the risk of heart disease. 84 per cent of the 1000 adults surveyed, said they wished they could share more meals with loved ones and 91 per cent of parents reported lower stress levels for the whole family from eating meals together. 59 per cent said they also made healthier food choices when eating with others.

Humans need a tribe, healthy connections are vital for good physical and mental health. Sharing meals with others great for improving social connection and boosting self esteem, particularly for kids.

Instead of only focusing on what we’re eating, we should also pay attention to the how. When we look at studies on longevity and healthy eating like the Mediterranean Diet, we should be looking at the lifestyles of the people involved. The people slow down, prepare, cook, and eat in family groups.

Sharing a meal with your family may be a very simple step towards managing your stress, supporting your health and building deeper relationships.



In October 2022, Fiona chatted to Stephen Cenatiempo 2CC Talking Canberra about a very good reason for families to eat together. You can listen here:





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