• Snack ideas to provide or take to a party are: salsa and hommus dips with raw vegetable crudités (broccoli, cauliflower etc). Make your own avocado dip (if you read the ingredients list on the one in shops you will be horrified)! Raw unsalted nuts and seeds, fresh berries etc.
  • When you approach a buffet, always head to the seafood, chicken or red meat first and then add salad and vegetables. Go to the vegetable based salads not the creamy and pasta/rice salads. Protein, fat and fibre will help you to feel satisfied and stop you from overdoing it!
  • A roast is wonderful but a great alternative to the roast in Australia’s hot climate is seafood, cold meats, chicken and yummy green salads.
  • If having BBQ have seafood, chicken, meat, home made rissoles, fish cakes made from salmon, tuna, chicken or seafood and vegetables. Vegetables are great on the BBQ such as capsicum, broccoli, eggplant or zucchini (finely sliced add a little salt and pepper and some olive oil – lightly cook both sides.
  • Other vegetarian options are vegetable and lentil or chickpea patties and kebabs with mushrooms and vegetables. Always have lovely big salads with your BBQ.
  • Desserts – choose fresh fruit such as berries. Serve with macadamias, cream, natural Greek yoghurt or Coyo (coconut yoghurt). Be aware of how much fruit you use, it is very high in carb so be careful!
  • Take the edge off your hunger by having a small protein snack (egg, nuts, seeds, meat) before the event; don’t arrive ravenous.

Clear the table once the meal is finished to avoid picking at the leftovers.

Part 1 here.

Healthy Salmon Meal - food prepared and photo taken by Ashley Morse

Healthy Salmon Meal – food prepared and photo taken by Ashley Morse

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