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Autumn leaves

The weather has been very changeable in the last few weeks and I’ve found myself digging out my winter woolies for a day or two, to then bring out my summer clothes again to then revert back to the winter woolies.  This changing back and forth is part of the Autumn pattern.  We have past the Autumn equinox (Friday 20th March) when the amount of day time and night time are of equal lengths, so now the hours of darkness increase as we head to winter.

What does Autumn mean for you? This is a time of harvest, of storing food for the winter and the beauty of the changing colours in the leaves before they drop to the ground. Have you been able to harvest the fruits of your labour, or has disaster befallen your crop or inattention allowed it to spoil? As the daylight hours shorten, we tend to stay closer to home. In the Chinese 5 Elements, Autumn relates to the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. It is during Autumn that they are most susceptible to our environment and so need to be nourished.

The Lungs are the organ involved in breathing and the exchange of gases – mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as an organ of elimination. The lungs also provide air for speaking and other vocal sounds. The breathe also controls Male lungs anatomythe autonomous nervous system (ANS).  The ANS acts largely unconsciously and regulates heart rate, digestion, respiration and is the primary system that controls the fight and flight response.  The Lung Meridian also governs boundaries (physical and psychological). If there is an abundant of Lung energy then our physical boundaries are intact which means we rely get sick or if we do we recuperate quickly.  Psychologically we know who we are, we have high self-esteem, integrity and dignity and can establish clear boundaries within our relationships.  These boundaries are flexible and responsive – opening up to receive ‘positive’ influences and closing, to shut out ‘negative’ influences.  If there is dysfunction in the Lung meridian then we can experience poor immunity, respiratory issues, in ability to set and maintain clear boundaries in our relationships and emotionally feel disappointed, sadness, grief, despair and/or anxiety.

“Can you breath/speak easily? Do you have a free flow of fresh air and/or inspiration to nourish the various functions of your life, or are you feeling constricted, inhibited in speaking, literally or figuratively? What do you need to lift up in your life? Are you giving too much or too little praise? Do you need to shout, cheer, or even cough something up?”

Illustration of female large intestine anatomyThe Large Intestines is the last part of the digestive system and it’s function is to absorb the last useful products of digestion (mainly water) and store the waste material until it can be eliminated. The Large Intestine meridian is about transformation, letting go and moving on.  Emotionally it is about recognising negative patterns in thoughts, beliefs and emotions and letting go of what is no longer serving us.  If there is an imbalance in the Large Intestine meridian then it can result in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual toxicity and/or having a hard time moving on from difficult situations, an unwillingness to open up with others or hanging onto emotions like anger, fear, grief or possessiveness.

 “Do you retain things you can no longer use in your life or are you letting too much go out of your life? What are you hanging onto that is toxic, literally or figuratively?”

So what can you do to nourish the Lung and the Large Intestines.

Take deep cleansing breaths each day from the diaphragm

  • Use expansive movements to open up the chest area
  • Dry brushing – which is great to exfoliate the skin and to increase the circulation
  • Let go of what is not serving you any more (this includes beliefs, emotions and thought patterns, kinesiology can assist with this)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Clean out the areas of your house or office that haven’t been touched for ages – let go of the physical items which you no longer need or do not serve you now
  • Respect for yourself – what values are important to you and are you able to express them (physically, verbally and emotionally)

Remember as the day light hours shorten, the natural cycle is to slow down, so even if you are unable to slow down every day look for ways to nourish yourself.

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