Many dietary approaches focus on calories alone, ignoring quality. It’s important to remember that the food we eat is what our body is made from, yes – you really are what you eat!

Nutrients from your diet are used to make new body cells and control their function. What you eat can switch genes on or off, drive inflammation and disease, or nourish your body and mind.

We often hear “a calorie is just a calorie”, however, we need to think of food in terms of nourishment. A can of cola has approximately the same calories as ½ an avocado, however one will nourish you, the other will drive inflammation, leave you feeling wired and tired and strip nutrients from your body!

The right nutrition is also vitally important for a healthy functioning immune system. For good physical and mental health, you need good nutrition. You are what you eat and absorb, so if you have gut issues you may be nutrient deficient.

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