Review Your Supplements Package

Review Your Supplements Package

Do you buy over the counter vitamins, minerals and herbs? Were they prescribed by a professional? Do you wonder if they are actually helping you?

How long has it been since they were reviewed?

Do you know if there are any interactions with your medications or contraindications relating to your health conditions?

We can offer you a full review with one of our Nutritionists who are qualified to prescribe supplements. Not all supplements are safe and of good quality, we will ensure you feel confident that you are taking what is right for you.

  • 1 x 45-60 minute Initial Consultation with a Qualified Nutritionist.
  • A full check of the safety and quality of your supplements taking into account your health conditions, medications and current needs.
  • 1 Zinc Tally Test to check zinc status.
  • 1 personalised Nutrient Plan – written instructions of what to take and when
  • Peace of mind to know you are not spending money on supplements that are useless or that may be negatively affecting you.

Investment of $197


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