Initial Health Assessment Package

Initial Health Assessment Package is currently not available due to COVID-19

Before we begin any treatment to improve your health we need to establish who you are, your healthy story, everything relevant to your health to successfully get YOU to your GOAL! You will begin by filling in a thorough online health questionnaire before your first appointment.

What happens during my consultation?

During your consultation, the nutritionist will establish your goals, assess  current/past health related symptoms/conditions and address any factors that may be associated with your health issues, reviewing your questionnaire and chatting to you. We will listen to you and your concerns!

  • Nutritional supplementation: If required, (practitioner only) professional nutritional supplements will be prescribed during any of these consultations to treat any deficiencies or other health issues identified.
  • If required, we will provide referral for pathology tests, letter to GP or referral to other health practitioners at this consultation or at later consultations.

Screening Tests

The testing may be done on the same day as the initial appointment or at a separate appointment (depending on your availability and our schedule). Testing includes body composition, urine tests, pH test and zinc tally, talk to our staff for more information about our assessments  (15-45 min).

What happens after my consultation?

After your consultation and testing the nutritionist will spend time creating a Report of Findings document tailored for you, including results of assessment and recommendations for treatment. This allows the practitioner to be thorough, to take time to compile your data, assess treatment options and do research just for you. The nutritionist will design a Treatment Plan tailored to you; to ensure that you get to your health goals and enjoy great results!

Report of Findings Consultation

At this consultation, the Nutritionist will provide you with a thorough Report of Findings document including your results, a treatment plan and Nutritional and Recipe Guide (including eating plans and recipes written by our nutritionists).

Initial Health Assessment Package includes:

  • Initial Health Assessment Consultation (30 min)
  • Screening tests, body composition and various urine/pH testing (15-45 min)
  • Practitioner researching and writing a thorough Report of Findings document including assessment results and treatment plan. (approx. 60-120 min)
  • Report of Findings consultation, presenting and explaining the report/plan (approx. 45 min)
  • Nutritional and Recipe Guide (including eating plans and recipes written by our nutritionists)

Your total investment for all of the above is $394.

$197 payable at first consultation, $197 payable at Report of Findings consultation.


We have one other option for your Initial Consultation at Informed Health:

  1. Initial Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes): Includes Includes thorough health assessment, Nutritional and Recipe Guide (including eating plans and recipes written by our nutritionists) and treatment recommendations. $197. This is an online consultation conducted via Zoom.



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