Programs and Packages

Your Ultimate Wellbeing

Ongoing support to optimise your results (16 consultations in a 4-8 month structured program)

Eat real food for good health and fat loss

Develop a clear understanding what foods support your health and wellbeing

Improve sleep, energy, hormones, mood, blood sugar control and much more

Improve digestive health and correct microbiome

16 x 30 minute consultations with a Qualified Nutritionist

 4 x eating plans including balance eating plan, anti-inflammatory eating plan, digestive healing eating plan & nourishing eating plan all designed to address different body systems for optimal results

Optional monthly measurement reviews including body composition, cm’s and blood pressure to track your results

1 x Nutritional Wellbeing Guide written by our Nutritionists

 1 x Recipe Ideas Guide written by our Nutritionists - recipes and meal plans are all gluten free and many dairy free options/alternatives plus they are LCHF friendly

Bonus Shake it recipe book and exclusive access to a private Facebook group for extra support

Investment of $1392

Bonus Nutritional Counselling Package:

After doing this program for a few years we have discovered that some people need more time to work through emotional challenges. For those who know that there is a big emotional/stress component to their health issues, there is an option to turn 8 of the 30 minute consultations into 60 minute consultations with Fiona to allow more time for counselling and strategies around self talk and relationship to food. If you are not sure what you need we will tell you if we think you need longer consultations once you begin the program. This bonus package is only an additional $348 up front or 4 extra $87 payments.

Split up front payments or Paysmart weekly or fortnightly deductions of $87 available – 16 weeks/fortnights (20 if you add the bonus Nutritional Counselling Package)

Your Ultimate Wellbeing program targets your overall wellbeing through a holistic approach learning how to connect with your body and eat what’s right for you. This certainly does include fat loss for those who need it. It is really useful if you have health conditions such as insulin resistance or if you are an emotional/stress eater. We address stress, self-talk, relationship to yourself and your relationship to food specifically.

Our Nutritionists work together to deliver a program that supports your individual needs. Appointments with Rebecca will have more of a nutrition, recipe and eating plan focus. Appointments with Fiona (who is also a qualified Holistic Counsellor) will have more of a focus on stress, self-talk, emotional eating and your relationship to food.

There is an option to start with an 8 week program, and only continue the second 8 weeks if required. This is useful for those unsure of their ability to commit to the program. It is also useful for those not requiring as much emotional support.

Initial Health Assessment

Initial Health Assessment Consultation

Zinc Tally Test

Blood Pressure


Body composition and various urine/pH testing

Practitioner researching and writing a thorough personalised Report of Findings document including assessment results and treatment plan. (approx. 60-90 min)

Report of Findings consultation, presenting and explaining the report/plan (approx. 30 min)

Investment of $394

$197 payable at first consultation, $197 payable at Report of Findings consultation.