A LOT of people come to us with digestive symptoms, one symptom that is really common is bloating. You may be surprised to hear, that for many, there is a very simple solution. We would love to share that with you. Bec’s number 1 tip to reduce bloating is……

Chew your food! It may sound simple, however, it is an extremely underestimated skill. Many of us are too busy, and distracted to remember to chew our food; this often leaves us feeling bloated and generally blah.

Next time you eat; observe how many times you chew your food. It is actually recommended that you chew 20 times, before you swallow each mouthful! Why not challenge yourself to chew at least 10 times; and let us know how you go!

Eat without distraction, take the time to BE PRESENT, focus on and chew your food, and notice how you feel. When we slow things down and chew, we help our body to make important digestive enzymes that allow us to break down and digest our food.

This is what we want to teach YOU in our Love Your Gut program. We would love to share with you, the simple strategies we have taught to many hundreds of clients; to help to resolve their gut issues. If you prefer, you can work with us one on one, you can book a consultation by clicking here.

It is popular to do a strict low FODMAP diet to resolve gut issues, however, we have found that while it can be a very useful tool; it isn’t always required. It is about connecting to your body, discovering which foods are right for you.

Stop putting up with poor gut health and join us in the next round of Love Your Gut program or book a consultation.

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