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New Year New You – why do your weight related goals always fail?



Red meat gets the all clear – eat up!


March 2017. Fiona chatted to The Daily Mail about The Biggest Loser: Transformed and fat shaming.

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March 2017. Hawkesbury Independent. Kidney health. 035p HEALTH WELLBEING HAWKS IND 82 kidney March17


February 2017. Hawkesbury Independent. How to achieve Weight Loss and Good Health. HAWKESBURYfebruary2017p33

December 2016. Hawkesbury Independent. Survival tips for Christmas. 040p-health-wellbeing-ind-79-december-2016


November 2016. Hawkesbury Independent. Diabetes – Australia’s Fastest Growing Chronic Disease. hawkesbury-independent-november-2016-037p-health-wellness-ind-78

October 2016. Hawkesbury Independent. Mental Health Month – Learn and Grow. Depression and Inflammation. hawkesburyoctober2016p42

September 2016. Hawkesbury Independent. Dementia Prevention – you are not alone. 041p HEALTH WELLBEING IND 76

August 2016. Hawkesbury Independent. Why we need to stop eating on the run. HAWKESBURYaugust2016p39

July 2016. Hawkesbury Independent. Is it always important to reduce your Cholesterol? HAWKESBURYjuly2016p39

 October 2014. Hawkesbury Independent. Cholesterol. HAWKESBURYoctober2014p30-31

July 2014. Hawkesbury Independent. Gluten. HAWKESBURYjuly2014p28-29

May 2014. Hawkesbury Independent. Sugar. HAWKESBURYmay2014p24-25

 August 2013. Cholesterol.

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