Love to travel but hate tummy bugs?

Bali Belly, Delhi Belly

Many popular places to travel to unfortunately have “dodgy” water including South East Asia, southern Europe and parts of Africa. It is great to travel however if you get a tummy bug it can ruin your holiday. You can miss important tours and sight seeing, miss flights, lose money and waste days of your holiday not to mention the discomfort involved with these kinds of issues.


We are qualified to prescribe right quality practitioner only supplements safely (taking into account medications and health conditions). These supplements can help to recover fast from Bali Belly and help to prevent it. It is all about keeping the right balance in your gut microbiome and ensuring no dodgy bacteria is able to hand around for long enough to cause you problems. A small amount of money now, will be your tummy travel insurance and potentially save you big $$$ and days of being sick.

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