A middle eastern study has found that eating refined grains like white rice is associated with increased risk of premature heart disease, and whole grains consumption with a reduced risk of developing heart problems in middle age. 

The study recruited 2099 people with Premature Coronary Artery Disease (PCAD) and used a food frequency questionnaire to find associations between grain consumption and PCAD. The lead researcher said the damage done by a diet high in grains like white rice, was similar to eating lots of junk food. Grains including corn, rice, wheat and barley are carbohydrates which become glucose in the bloodstream.

Grains have their place in moderation in balanced diets, but many of us over consume them in foods like cereals, bread, crackers, muffins, biscuits etc. All grains are refined to some degree, because grains are difficult for the body to digest.

People who are pre-disposed to insulin resistance really need to limit their grain intake. 

Reference: https://www.acc.org/About-ACC/Press-Releases/2022/10/03/14/29/Which-Grains-You-Eat-Can-Impact-Your-Risk-of-Getting-Heart-Disease-Earlier




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