There has been a new social justice movement around body acceptance in the last few years. After much thought and many questions on this topic, I decided to share my thoughts.

I am all for self care, self love and accepting that we come in all shapes and sizes, one is not better than another. Absolutely. I am also for good health. To achieve good health; we need to really be connected with our body and present with “what is”. We cannot improve our health without being present with, and understanding, where we are at right now. Only then can we make plans for improving our health and well being. If we are truly being present and realistic with our health, we will know when we are healthy at our size, or when our size is contributing to poor health.

Can we have health at every size, no, I don’t believe so. You certainly can be healthy at many sizes. The simple truth is that there are people who are underweight, and people who are overweight; who’s health is being affected by their weight. Body acceptance is wonderful; as long as it comes with taking responsibility for your health. With the recent covid pandemic, we quickly learned that people with metabolic health issues and weight issues were at much higher risk of poor outcomes.

Everybody deserves love, respect and acceptance. Everyone also deserves good health and quality of life; and sometimes that means, accepting difficult truths and making some changes. Learning how to nurture yourself to health. This is our approach at Informed Health, connect to your body, learn some nutrition basics, begin to listen to your body and your intuition and then take the driver’s seat to regaining your health and quality of life.

This is a complex topic, I have discussed it more in the video below.


Fiona Kane is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Mind Body Eating Coach, Holistic Counsellor, Professional Speaker and writer on Health and Nutrition and the founder of Informed Health.