I speak to many individuals and groups and there is something that I have noticed. In our fast paced world many of us have disconnected from each other, from our lives and most definitely from ourselves.

Recently at a talk someone explained to me that they hadn’t had time to eat in three days except for once, the same person was existing on 3 hours sleep per night. With only time to eat in the car or on the way to a bathroom “break”. This person explained that they had an “unexplained” mineral deficiency. I would argue that is has a very good explanation, not eating enough nutrients, not slowing down to eat to support digestion and not sleeping for long enough for the body to recharge just for starters.


This person is not alone and the point of this post is not to shame an individual but to shine a light on a major issue today for many of us. We are a society obsessed with busyness, it is quite normal to be busy, time poor and stressed. Many of us are “running on empty”, whilst sometimes this happens to all of us in life’s ups and downs, this is becoming the ongoing normal for many people.

There is something seriously wrong with a society that does not allow individuals to feel that they can take a break, slow down and stop to eat and nourish their body. Is looking after ourselves somehow seen as slacking off or weakness?

Now if you have a car and you drive it 21 hours per day, you maybe add a tiny speck of fuel occasionally but other than that do no maintenance or repair, what do you expect to happen to that car? It would of course, eventually break down. Somehow though, when it is our body, we are surprised when it breaks down! Otherwise very intelligent people often don’t seem to have a concept of self-care. What concerns me even more is that you can replace the car but you can’t replace your body!

Looking at one of the world’s most studied diets, the Mediterranean Diet, we see that it contains healthy components such as fresh produce, fruit & veggies, oily fish olive oil etc. However I would argue that although their diet is very healthy and that is very important. Equally important is their lifestyle – their diet is a way of life about slowing down, eating real food that is prepared and eaten slowly whilst connecting with family/friends. They rest and digest.

So next time you ask yourself: Why am I tired? Why do I have reflux? Why can’t I lose weight? Ask yourself these questions: do I take time to nourish and care for myself? When was the last time I rested to digest? When was the last time I took a break? This may shed some light onto your health problems.

If our lives, jobs, workplaces demand that we work ourselves into the ground and practice no self-care, we need to advocate for ourselves and for each other and challenge this new “normal”. People (including young people) are literally being reported in the news of dying at work at their desks. If this happened to you, would it be worth it or would you wish you had made different choices?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Fiona Kane

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor and Transformational Life Coach