This is me; Bec (one of the nutritionists at Informed Health) and my daughter Penny. I am a mother of a social, outgoing and crazy toddler.

On 13 April 2020 at 10am, in the first lockdown, after being in hospital for 12 hours; the most beautiful baby girl was born. My soul was on fire with love. How could I instantly love someone with my whole heart? I felt so blessed.

At the time, what I didn’t realise, was that a new mother was being born as well. One minute, I was worrying about how the birth would go (and if she would ever come, I was 10 days overdue); and then the next minute I was a mother!

I was so focused on the birth that I had no post-natal plan!

For me becoming a mum was a HUGE journey of self-discovery! It changed my priorities, how I viewed the world, and who I wanted to be; it changed everything!

Becoming a mum is like someone is holding up a HUGE mirror in front of you; you learn so much about who you are. After having Penny; I felt like that mirror I looked at every day had completely shattered, and I had to try and put those pieces back together.  I know that mirror will never be the same or look the same again, that’s OK, I am a new version of myself.


Becoming a Mum has made me more passionate than ever about teaching my clients how to listen and connect with their body and intuition. I want my clients to listen to their intuition, not what diet culture says they “should” do. I want my clients to discover what nourishes them.

I have noticed there are A LOT of post-natal programs focused on exercise and losing the mum bod, without any focus on nourishing your mind, body and soul.

I want to celebrate you as a new mum and the amazing achievements of your mum bod. My focus is on nourishing new mums; after they have been through one of the most incredible and depleting times of their lives. There is a lot of focus on birth (rightfully so); but not much focus on post-natal depletion.

At Informed Health, we work with individuals one on one, we also do group programs. We are currently putting together a program to support new mums and address post-natal depletion. Is this a program that would interest you or someone you love?

Sending love to all Mums, you are amazing and you’ve got this! 


Note: Rebecca Varcoe (Bec) has been a nutritionist at Informed Health for eight years now. We have so many new followers online that we are reintroducing ourselves! If you would like to read more about Bec’s experience and qualifications click here.

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