Today I was at the gym, I did my usual weights routine and them jumped in the pool, walking in the pool is my reward for completing my weights. While I was in the pool I had this moment when I felt great, I felt really good in my body and was really enjoying my walking plus a bit of a swim. I have never been the person who gets a high from exercise so this was a brilliant!

To give you some context, I have loads of issues with fatigue, muscle tightness and pain and have also had some joint issues. Over the last few years I have been in chronic stress so I have put on weight and been in pain most of the time. Then of course gyms were closed for big chunks of the last couple of years. Therefore, feeling good in my body while exercising was really a great moment and I feel really grateful for it.

In my experience, pain is often better when we move our bodies (obviously not in all cases, talk to your Dr or physio). Moving my body every day helps reduce my pain and maintain function and fitness (as well as healthy bones and a healthy mood).

I was chatting to a friend about this yesterday, we are both in our early 50’s and have noticed that over time, things are not as easy as they were when we were young. What we took for granted then’; we need to work for now! The truth is if you don’t use it, you lose it! Function, muscle mass, bone density, cardiovascular health, fitness and much more. Moving is also important for managing blood glucose levels and helping keep your bowels regular.

It is vitally important we find a way to move our bodies that works for us and that we move every day. More often than not, aches and pains are a reason to get moving, not a reason to avoid it. Talk to a Dr, physio or PT for specific advice for your body.

It really is true, if you don’t move it, you lose it!

Fiona Kane is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Mind Body Eating Coach, Holistic Counsellor, Professional Speaker and writer on Health and Nutrition and the founder of Informed Health.
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