According to new research, increasing intake of protein and drinking regular cups of tea or coffee; is a way women could reduce their risk of suffering a hip fracture.

Food scientists at the University of Leeds have found that for women, a 25g a day increase in protein was associated with, on average, a 14% reduction in their risk of hip fracture. In a surprise twist, they also discovered that every additional cup of tea or coffee they drank was linked with a 4% reduction in risk. Writing in the journal Clinical Nutrition, the researchers noted that the protective benefits were greater for women who were underweight, with a 25g/day increase in protein reducing their risk by 45%.

The protein could come in any form: meat, dairy or eggs; and for people on a plant-based diet, from beans, nuts or legumes. Three to four eggs would provide around 25g of protein as would a steak or piece of salmon. 100g of tofu would provide about 17g of protein.

The investigation, foods, nutrients and hip fracture risk: A prospective study of middle-aged women — is based on a large observational analysis of more than 26,000 women.

What we do know is that hip fracture can often lead to loss of independence, chronic illness and premature death. In my experience with clients, it is not unusual for people to not be consuming enough protein, particularly women. It is important that not only you eat enough protein, but that you are able to digest it well so your body can use it. It is important to address any digestive issues, which is also common in my clinical practice.

It is also important to note that bone health is also reliant on regular weight bearing exercise and that we require muscle to create stablity and strength. Instability will also put you at risk of falls and fractures. Building and maintaining muscle and bone both require you to consume and digest good quality protein and to exercise.


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