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Fiona Kane is a Nutritionist, Holistic Mind and body Coach and Wellness Speaker – most recently on 9 News Adelaide and Perth, 2GB, 2CC, Ticker TV, 6PR, ABC Radio and Triple M. Fiona is an award winning Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Counsellor and the founder of Informed Health.

Fiona has her own unique style of presenting and within consultations, naturally moving between nutrition, counselling and coaching as required. Having experienced significant health issues including several small strokes, two auto immune diseases and weight issues. Whether speaking to 1 or 100; Fiona has a relaxed and relatable style, knowing how to deliver health messages in plain speak and with a little humour.

Fiona has a special interest in emotional eating body image, self-talk and the powerful language we use about food and how all of these things combined can affect your results and ability to succeed in your health goals. Informed Health’s focus is on foundations for good health (nutrition, sleep, movement, connection, stress etc) with an emphasis on what gets in the way of healing (why we often sabotage our own health goals). Click here for recent media appearances.

Fiona hosts her own podcast The Wellness Connection with Fiona Kane and is also a host of the Business Minds Podcast for the Sydney Hills Business Chamber.

Fiona does various health talks at schools, gyms, cafe’s, community groups and charities. Contact Fiona for more information on arranging something for your group.

Specialising in professional talks for businesses targeted at employee health and wellbeing. More information here.

Proud to be a That Sugar Movement Ambassador. That Sugar Movement Ambassadors are passionate individuals who recognise the impact of diet on health and care deeply about sharing the key messages of That Sugar Film far and wide around Australia and New Zealand.

Registered and accredited as a Fellow of Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS), Australia’s largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners.

More information about Fiona here.

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