You can now enjoy your meat without the nutrition police threatening you with death and disease!

Contrary to previous advice, five new systematic reviews suggest that most people can continue to eat red and processed meat as they do now. The major studies have found cutting back has little impact on health. The five systematic reviews were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine last week. This is based on the most comprehensive review of the evidence to date.

Public health officials have for many years urged us to limit consumption of red meat and processed meats because of concerns that these foods are linked to cancer, heart disease and other health issues. An international collaboration of researchers produced a series of analyses concluding that the advice, a bedrock of almost all dietary guidelines, is simply not backed by good scientific evidence.

The new analyses are among the largest such evaluations ever attempted. They should influence future dietary recommendations. This now raises UNCOMFORTABLE questions about dietary advice and nutritional research and so it should! So many nutrition studies are poor quality and/or influenced by people with vested interest in the outcomes.

The message comes back to basics, just eat real food. We need to focus on the actual science, not beliefs, unfortunately nutrition is fast becoming the next religion!

How about we stop demonising real foods and focus on eating fresh food. Common sense would indicate that eating meat with a salad or vegies is a better idea than within a burger deal meal!

Fiona chatted to Steve Price on 2GB 873 – Sydney Talk Radio about this last week. Listen here:

Fiona Kane October 3 2019 Steve Price 2GB talking about meat


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