I have been very lucky in having a daughter who loves her food, lots of food in fact and has loved eating a range of nutritious foods! No fuss just simply “More please!!” she loves to say! and all i can think is how does she fit it all into her tummy!

I have recently found though that as my daughter, Chanelle gets older – she becomes more selective in what she would like to eat. I swear it is because she is trying to show me that she can be independent and make up her own mind of what is good for her.Chanelle

To help work around this I find that helping to empower her make good decisions is the key! I do this by getting her involved hands on in picking food from a vegetable garden or helping to pack fruit and vegetables into the trolley at the supermarket (eating some fruit along the way) – this allows her to get connected to the food well before it lands on her plate. She gets to see, smell, touch and sometimes taste it, generally getting used to it and where it comes from. Then I give her options between the fun colourful fruits and veggies we have been handling together.

I truly believe that even at her age (2.5 years), it allows her to feel in charge and well lets face it, allows me to feel at ease that she is still getting all the good stuff into her growing little body.

Rachel Fox, Nutritionist and Fitness Professional (and mum), Informed Health Nutritional Wellbeing Centre

Rachel Fox