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Before I describe the Emotional Stress Release technique can you answer these questions.  What do you experience when you are emotionally stressed?

Maybe it is:Emotional stress technique meditating man

  • dry mouth
  • headaches
  • sleeplessness
  • brain that wont turn off
  • sweaty palms
  • heart racing
  • shortness of breath
  • and many more physical symptoms

We are all designed to function under stress – stress is what makes us get up and do something about the issue. However what is described above and more than likely what you have noted down is not stress but signs of distress. I’m sure most of us are not responding the way the cartoon character is. Stress is our reaction to a situation or experience.

How does stress look in the body?

When we are experiencing emotional stress and distress, the brain thinks we are under attack.  We go into ‘Fight or Flight’ mode.  This is an ancient program in the brain which is to survive at all costs.  So when this happens the blood supply to the brain and digestive system is restricted and redirected to the muscles in the body to either ‘Fight’ or ‘Flight’.  This means that the brain is running on minimal blood, nutrients, energy and oxygen. It also means that what you have eaten will not be digested properly.

The brain is now responding from memory based neurology not an associated / new options one.  What does this mean? We don’t think clearly and react to the situation the same way we have always done. Once we have calmed down we tend to say to ourselves “I should have said/done……”

Once the ‘attack’ has been dealt with the brain normally rights itself and everything goes back to how it should function however we can become stuck HABITUALLY in this pattern so if we wish to learn something new it is difficult as the brain is not integrated.

What can we do? Retrain the Brain!

The Emotional Stress Release technique is a fantastic technique to do whenever you are distressed, emotionally upset and unable to think clearly.

  1. Cover the forehead with the whole palm of one hand and the base of the skull with the other hand. Don’t squeeze.Vicki Demonstrating technique 1
  1. Breath deeply in and out until you feel less stressed
  1. The period of time it takes for this to occur depends on how stressed you are about what is on youVicki showing technique 2r mind.
  1. By focusing on the present and letting go of the past reactions it will help you think of new solutions for the issue.


You may have noticed that people instinctively touch the forehead when they are under emotional stress. What they are doing is bringing themselves out of distress and allowing them to think more clearly about the situation.

One time I used this that showed me how powerful this technique really is, is the time my son broke his arm.  He was in immense pain, crying and becoming hysterical.  As we were driven to the hospital, I sat in the back with my son holding his head, as described above, and getting him to focus on ‘blowing out a candle’.  Big blows.  At times I would just hold the forehead and hold up my finger and say “Blow out the candle, big blows”.  As we will automatically breathe in, it is important to focus on the out breathe.  By the time we reached the hospital my son was still in pain but very calm.  He was able to get himself out of the car and into the wheel chair to go into the hospital.

The more often you do the Emotional Stress Release technique the more often you take yourself out of the stress response and move towards having an integrated functioning brain and therefore able to come up with solutions to your problems.

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