How you eat has a huge influence on your ability to digest, absorb nutrients, use calories and keep your body in rest and digest mode rather than in fight flight (stress mode). Our approach is to look at not only what you eat but how you eat and all the lifestyle factors.
What you eat of course matters too, we encourage you to learn which foods are nourishing for you and which way of eating suits your body at this time. This is different for individuals and changes throughout our lives. We don’t believe in being rigid about specific diets (except in specific examples such as Coeliac Disease or Diabetes where certain rules are essential). We can give you education, guidance and support to successfully navigate your own food adventure.
Many of us have so many rules and such a disordered relationship with our body and food that every time we eat our body is in stress mode. Rigidly adhering to a diet, for some people, is just keeping their body in fight/flight (stress mode) all the time and ultimately contributing to nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar issues, inflammation and unwanted weight gain or loss.
This is why we look at all those issues with our individual clients and precisely why we created our online group programs Love Your Gut program and Stress Less program.
We believe in approaching eating changes as a food adventure in a calm and relaxed way, it is really just an exploration which can be fun. We teach you how to connect to your body and listen; which allows you to make the right choices for you.
The relationship you have with yourself is the longest and most important relationship you will ever have, it also contributes to the quality of your relationships with others. It’s time to connect with yourself and learn how to nurture and nourish yourself to health with help from our experienced health professionals in a judgement free zone.
Join our next round of Love Your Gut program, this online group program includes eating plans (it’s all there for you, however we are really flexible), recipes, information, education and support. It’s a tune up for your digestive system and therefore support for a healthy immune system.
This is a 6 week online digestive healing and immune support program which also includes some strategies for stress as this can be a major contributor to gut and immune issues. You can also just do the program as a general healthy eating program for prevention of health issues, you don’t need to have gut issues however if you do, you will learn many strategies to improve your gut health.
Fiona Kane is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Mind Body Eating Coach, Holistic Counsellor, Professional Speaker and writer on Health and Nutrition and the founder of Informed Health.
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