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Health Challenges

Our nutritionists have created some great eating plans including yummy healthy recipes, shopping lists and much more formatted into an e-book. We have winter or summer recipe options.

Our plans are suitable for weight loss or general health including options for gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian.

We can also join your challenge Facebook group and do videos and posts explaining the eating plans, educating on health and nutrition, Q&As, motivating and addressing mindset (Fiona is also a holistic counsellor and life coach currently studying mind body nutrition coaching).

We can also do online or in person talks for on various nutrition, health and wellness topics.

We always get great feedback and repeat business.

Find pricing for Health Challenges below or contact Fiona to discuss and get a quote if you have different requirements.

Fiona Kane, Nutritionist and Holistic Counsellor

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” –


Challenge Eating Plans + Facebook Support Pricing
10 participants $40 per person
11-20 participants $35 per person
21-40 participants $30 per person
41+ participants $25 per person

All prices include GST, minimum of 10 participants $400.

This includes Eating Plans, Recipes, nutritional guides based on 1200-1400 calories.

Our plans are easily adapted to gluten free, dairy free and there is a vegetarian and vegan plan. We also have cool weather and warm weather version of these plans.

This also includes our 2 Nutritionists joining your challenge Facebook group, beginning with a Facebook live video explaining the plans and how to calculate your portions/macros.

We answer all questions, help individuals to adjust the eating plans to suit their own needs, (eg someone with a gastric band). We continue to offer support and advice over the whole challenge including mindset strategies from Fiona. It does not include nutritional assessments and treatments of individuals; however this is not generally required for a challenge and can be arranged if required.

You can book a strategy session to discuss your challenge needs with Fiona or Rebecca at the booking link below, otherwise contact Fiona directly,  ph: 0404 896 775 or email:


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