A new Greek study asserts that eating one to three eggs a week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by more than half. The study described the 10-year cardiovascular effects of self-reported egg consumption.


The new study surveyed healthy men and women living in Greece’s greater metropolitan Athens area regarding their egg-consumption habits.

For the 1,514 men in the study, the mean age was 46, plus or minus 13 years. For 1,528 women, it was 45, plus or minus 14 years.

The survey began in 2001 with 3,042 participants. The final 2011-2012 follow-up health assessments included 2020 of these individuals.






Researchers asked participants to self-report their monthly consumption of eggs, either alone or as recipe ingredients. They then divided these figures into weekly consumption levels.

This was not a great quality study, accurate self reporting is always an issue, however it is certainly not the only study to find good news about eggs.

I always find it interesting that when they do these studies, they are always surprised when eggs turn out to be healthy. How long will it take, how many studies will it take before we stop demonising healthy natural foods like eggs and focus on the real dietary culprits, ultra processed food!




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