Feeling more stressed since quitting smoking?

Feeling more stressed since quitting smoking?

It’s not the smoking but the action or deep breathing of smoking that relaxes the body. Nicotine is actually a stimulant that increases the heart rate and blood pressure. When a person goes for a cigarette they will take a deep breath in and then slowly exhale the smoke. This pattern of breathing usually continues until the end of the cigarette. It is the deep breath in that sends a signal to the brain to calm down and relax. This signal is then forwarded to the rest of the body.

Winter Blues

The trees have lost their leaves, Mother Nature was giving us clues during Autumn to once again let go of that which no longer nourishes us or is useful. Winter is now upon us. It is a time of hibernation, reduced activity, rest and internal reflection or internal work. It is also a time for reintegration, repair and for the coming time of planting and new beginnings. How does winter affect you? The longer nights and cold weather.

Supporting yourself through Autumn

What does Autumn mean for you? This is a time of harvest, of storing food for the winter and the beauty of the changing colours in the leaves before they drop to the ground.

“Do you retain things you can no longer use in your life or are you letting too much go out of your life? What are you hanging onto that is toxic, literally or figuratively?”

Emotional Stress Release

When we are experiencing emotional stress and distress, the brain thinks we are under attack. We go into ‘Fight or Flight’ mode. This is an ancient program in the brain which is to survive at all costs. So when this happens the blood supply to the brain and digestive system is restricted and redirected to the muscles in the body to either ‘Fight’ or ‘Flight’.

This means that the brain is running on minimal blood, nutrients, energy and oxygen. It also means that what you have eaten will not be digested properly.

Health Talk and Presenting Your Ultimate Wellbeing Program

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Do you take medication for acid reflux?

Do you take medication for acid reflux?

Did you know that acid reflux is normally caused by low acid, not too much acid? These medications are called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and they reduce how much stomach acid you make. If you are already low in stomach acid, this is not a good long term solution!

Medications can be really useful but sometimes long term use can do more harm than good. This is something you need to weigh up for yourself and discuss with your doctor.

Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds

Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds

It is a very funny but sobering look at why people looking for diet and health advice are turning away from doctors, nutritionists, government agencies, medical trade organizations and other established authorities and are instead getting their information from bloggers, pod-casters, independent filmmakers and countless other dedicated amateurs who communicate through social media.

Has there been a paradigm shift in nutrition? You bet there has!

Has there been a paradigm shift in nutrition? You bet there has!

I believe Dr Eenfeldt is right, a paradigm shift did happen. There has been a wave of media focusing on questioning the current “accepted truths” about sugar, saturated fat and cholesterol and all I can say is, it is about time!

What makes us die from heart disease and stroke and Alzheimer’s is inflammation in the body and that’s not caused by fats that we’ve been eating for two and a half million years.

You ought to be congratulated? Really?

You ought to be congratulated? Really?

Eye experts are getting it right, many are warning their patients against eating margarine, because of the vegetable fats in it – which they believe speed up the macular degeneration, cardiologists advise their patients the complete opposite – to eat margarine over butter, because of the cholesterol associated with butter. Some cardiologists have reviewed the evidence but many are still caught up in old beliefs about cholesterol and heart disease.

Being slim = good health, right?

Being slim = good health, right?

What is frustrating, is seeing slim people judge overweight people, blaming them for being overweight, when they eat much the same diet. There is an assumption that overweight people are unhealthy but slim people are examples of wonderful health. The other assumption is that overweight people’s issues are caused by “glutton and sloth”, this is far from the truth.

Why does Christmas have to be stressful?

People put so much pressure on themselves leading up to the day that they are already well “over it” before the day! We seem to place a bunch of unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others about what we should have achieved by Christmas and how our experience “should” be. It is just too much pressure for everyone involved!

The key to Happiness

In the western world we have so much stuff and many are so unhappy, just as we do with food, we have emotional attachments to stuff. It is as if the stuff is part of us and if we don’t have “enough stuff”, the “right stuff” or the “latest stuff”, we are not good enough, life is not OK, we can’t possibly be happy.

Pregnancy and folate – what you need to know

The baby’s neural tube normally closes approximately between week 3 and 4 of pregnancy (day 21-28, approx 5-6 weeks after the woman’s last period). If there is a deficiency in folate at this point, a neural tube defect eg spina bifida and anencephaly will occur.


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Do as I say, not as I do, doesn’t wash with kids!

What you do it equally as powerful, if not more powerful than what you say. If you encourage your kids to love and believe in themselves but you don’t love and believe in yourselves or each other, what message are you sending them?

Women in particularly often feel guilty if they do anything for themselves at all! What does that teach your children? It teaches your sons that women have no needs and your daughters that women are not allowed to have needs. Is that really the message you want your kids to learn?

My health story of overcoming auto immune diseases and fear! part 1

The scans showed that this was not my first stroke, I had experienced several “mini” strokes before this one. Now it began, the conflicting diagnosis and dire warnings from specialists, the medications with debilitating “side effects” – the fear merry-go-round. I was paralysed by fear – what if I have another stroke, will I die, will I be OK, I really wasn’t too sure that I would live until 30.

I was stuck in this victim mentality where I felt that my body had let me down, far from it, my poor body was doing the best it could under the circumstances! I was doing nothing to help myself as I didn’t know at the time that there was anything I could do and that my diet and lifestyle is what led me there in the first place!

Earth Angels

Don’t just look for proof that the world is all bad, if that is what you look for that is exactly what you will find; and unfortunately bad news sells so it is what you will see from most media outlets, most of the time. In the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi “you must be the change you want to see in the world”. You may never see the results of what you do as clearly as talking someone down from a cliff, it doesn’t mean that you cannot profoundly change somebody’s life for the better, just by being present with them in some small way!

What gets in the way of healing?

You are worthy of love and connection now, regardless of what you have or haven’t done. Worthiness has NO pre-requisitves. Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage. To be vulnerable to let ourselves be seen to be honest. Vulnerability is out path back to each other as human beings.

Cholesterol, what you need to know – Part 5

Many people in their attempts to eat a low fat diet are not eating enough essential oils. Every cell in your body requires essential oils (omega 3), especially your brain. These omega 3s are also anti-inflammatory – all disease processes are inflammatory so it is very important to consume anti-inflammatory foods. They are called essential fatty acids because the body cannot make them – you must include them in your diet!
The dietary cholesterol in eggs has no effect on blood cholesterol.

Cholesterol, what you need to know – Part 4

Any food allergies/intolerances or other gut problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome must be identified and managed properly. These allergies and gut problems cause inflammation and over stimulate the immune system which will ultimately lead toward chronic diseases like heart disease. It is best to enlist the support of health professionals who specialise in this area (this is one of our specialialties at the Informed Health Nutritional Wellbeing Centre).

Cholesterol, what you need to know – Part 3

Increase the amount and variety vegetables you have each day, especially leafy greens. Eat vegetables of all colours to ensure you are eating plenty of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential to stop the LDL and HDL cholesterol from oxidising. Remove highly processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour) and all of the products made from them, white bread, pasta, cakes etc from your diet completely.

Saturated fat – good or bad?

The main foods that cause heart disease are refined sugars including grains. These foods, especially if combined with a low fat diet will break down into long chain saturated fatty acids in the body, this is what will clog up your arteries and cause atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol, what you need to know – Part 1

Cholesterol for many years now has been reduced to a single figure – a number that is said to indicate health or disease, high cholesterol is said to be bad, low cholesterol is said to be good. Eventually this was broken down into two forms of cholesterol that you needed to know about, two numbers to indicate health – HDL (called the “good cholesterol”) and LDL (called the “bad cholesterol”).
It has become clear with consistent research from 2001 onwards that your cholesterol number is irrelevant; it is not an accurate way to determine one’s health including risk of cardiovascular disease.

Surviving the festive season!

The festive season can be challenging when it comes to weight loss. Over indulgence during the festive season can easily put on 3-8kg. The weight gain occurs because we consume larger food portions, more alcohol and do more snacking on the wrong foods. We also tend to move less and drop all of our good habits. The extra kilos are much harder to get off than they are to put on, so be careful over Christmas.

The joy of eating out with food intolerances/allergies

If you have any food allergies/intolerances you would be familiar with the challenges that can come with eating out. Scanning the menu looking for something that sounds nice but is also safe for you to eat. Often the choices are very limited and you end up spending some time talking to the waiter about options and possible alternative ways of making a dish.

Seasonal eating – what’s best in September?

Each season brings different colours, flavours and scents to the table. Food that grows seasonally is exactly what our body needs for that season to stay balanced. There are a number of good reasons to eat more seasonal food: • the environment – to reduce the energy...