Flash back to 8 years ago

I had just finished my Uni degree, I was so excited and ready to work in a field that I was so passionate about BUT there was one problem…….I felt like s**t. For years I had been putting up with poor gut health; bloating, flipping between constipation and diarrhoea, eczema, hormonal issues (my period pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep at night), fatigue and an overall bad relationship with food. Too be honest; I had terrible relationship with food (as much as I hate to admit it).

I started out my career as a Nutritionist disconnected from my body and overall feeling pretty ordinary.

How could I help other people; if I couldn’t even help myself?! When I tried to heal myself; I found the information available on gut health confusing, and I didn’t know where to start. To tell you the truth, my degree was not helpful either (8 years ago gut health wasn’t really a popular topic in universities).

Luckily I had an amazing mentor in Fiona, and a thirst for knowledge. I dedicated hours to watching seminars on how to heal my gut; and what nutrients helped the most with gut health.

I started eliminating foods; (I cried at first; realising how bad gluten was for my body; but I continued). I also started taking specific nutrients to heal my gut, and my body went through a big detox. I knew I was detoxing because I noticed small pimples appear all over my face (that luckily went in a matter of days). I had never felt better! I did a fairly strict diet for about 9 months; however my energy was declining. So I began to reintroduce foods with a focus on nutrients to boost my energy. That is why the reintroduction phase is SO important! I wouldn’t recommend waiting 9 months to reintroduce foods; knowing what I know now. I only recommend eliminating foods for few weeks. It really depends on the individual.

I then found a connection with my body that I never knew I had. I started to really focus on how food made me feel; NOT how many calories were in a food, or if would make me “fat” (I hate to say that but those were the thoughts I had).

Once I connected to how I felt, eating in a new way that supported my health, became a no brainer and much easier.

If certain foods made me feel tired, bloated or even cranky (yes food can definitely affect your mood!!!) I avoid or minimise them. I really connect with which foods nourish my body and help me to feel good.

I am not perfect; I am always practicing and learning ways to stay connected. I think it’s like a muscle; you need to continue to train.

Unfortunately during my post-partum journey and transition to motherhood I really lost myself. I lost who I was as a person, and it took me time to reconnect back with myself. In this time I did A LOT of emotional eating at night. BUT I still stuck to the basics of what made me feel good throughout the day. The lack of sleep and lack of self-care caused an anxiety I had never experienced before; and I turned to chocolate to deal with it. I have now learned other ways to deal with my stress and anxiety!

And this is why I do what I do! This is why you won’t get an eating plan from me that’s only focused on macros or calories. This is also why I won’t make endless eating plans for you to follow. I want to work with you; discovering which foods feel right for you, so you can develop a connection with your body; and you can confidently create your own eating plan.

Most importantly; this is why I created the Love Your Gut program. Because I want to take the confusion out of healing your gut, I want you to feel amazing and connected with your body and I want you to experience the feeling of good health.

What I have learnt over this time

  • Which foods make me feel amazing
  • Connecting and listening to my body is life changing
  • Sugar makes me cranky
  • Gluten makes me feel irritable and sick
  • Cheese is OK, however other dairy gives me reflux and nausea
  • Chewing my food, and eating mindfully dramatically improves my bloating
  • Water gives me energy and when I’m dehydrated I feel flat
  • Having protein and fats with each meal makes me feel full and satisfied
  • Self-care is invaluable

What I want to teach YOU

  • How to listen to and connect with your body; and learn the foods that make you feel amazing and the foods make you feel like s**t
  • How to balance your blood sugar levels, so you don’t feel “hangry” all the time!
  • A healthy relationship with food, life is too short to shame yourself with what you are eating
  • Not to put up with bloating, hormonal issues and fatigue
  • How to make the most simple foods delicious


You can find out more about Love Your Gut program by clicking here. Or book a consultation with Rebecca by clicking here.

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