Auto Immune Disease

At Informed Health, we have a unique approach to working with people who have auto-immune diseases. We take a holistic approach focusing on the individual and their needs.

Rebecca and Fiona – Our Nutritionists

These conditions can be very overwhelming, frightening and life changing. Some of the areas we focus on include:


      • Nutritional status – ensuring that the individual has the right nutritional balance to support optimal health
      • Microbiome and Digestive Health – a large component of the immune system is situated in the digestive system so it is important to have optimum digestive health including the right balance of bacteria, fungi and viruses
      • Liver support – common medications used for auto immune conditions can be harsh on the liver, we help support your liver
      • We are trained in how to use supplements safely. We understand how to choose quality supplements and how to assess possible interactions or cautions relating to health conditions and medications. If you want to use supplements it is important to be supervised by a trained practitioner
      • Symptom management. We help you to manage pain, reflux, IBS, digestive issues, sleep issues, mood disturbances and energy
      • Dietary protocols for specific auto immune conditions
      • Emotional support for stress and anxiety. Fiona a Nutritionist, Holistic Counsellor and Life Coach who supports people to come to terms with their health condition, how to talk to family and friends about it, how to manage energy and life in general
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