Australia’s persistently poor diet and lack of exercise is catching up with us in the form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Fatty liver is linked with heart failure within a decade, but it’s easily treated with a healthy diet and lifestyle if you get in early, this is something I see and treat regularly.

The trend is largely being driven by the level of soft drink consumption beginning in childhood. Children are no getting fatty liver disease which was unheard of until recently.

NAFLD affects up to 30 percent of adult Australians and can also lead to liver failure. Being overweight, having type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance (metabolic syndrome) tend to go hand in hand with NAFLD.

Australia is wobbling its way into an epidemic of NAFLD – with nearly half of regional people over the age of 60 affected. Alcohol is no longer the main driver of the liver disease. It now largely comes down to what we’re eating which is why children are affected now. This is the epidemic we urgently need to address and it’s these conditions that make you more at risk if you get viruses such as Covid.

Fatty liver is not caused by eating too many eggs or too much meat, it is caused by eating too much sugar. If you need help with your diet to treat fatty liver disease, book an online consultation with one of our nutritionists by clicking here.



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