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 by kim Kindrat
Life Changing

Iv been seeing Fiona & Bec since October last year and I can honestly say my life has changed for the better! They have both taught me amazing life skills that I will never forget and I will incorporate into my everyday activities. Making not only the right food choices but also lifestyle & relationship choices has made me such a happy person. I have also recommended a few friends to these wonderful ladies who are benefitting from there services tremendously as well! The best life experience ever! xxx

 by Shane
The power of Knowledge

The biggest thing I took from these sessions was learning about how the gut and digestive system works as a whole. When certain "bad" food are introduced into the system, it can have a massive impact on the overall "balance". Along with STRESS, this can turn your whole world upside down. I was amazed to find out that the body will lose weight naturally, as long as there is a balance.
Thank you for your knowledge guys as it has helped me immensiely.

Thanks for the feedback Shane, we appreciate it and you are most welcome! Rebecca and Fiona

 by Nadine Long
Changed My Life - Fiona is amazing!

Such a tiny box to fill with what I consider such a huge chunk of my life and Health Journey.

Fiona has not only changed my life for the better but taught me how to do it myself, through the way I think and the way I treat my mind and body.
I have been seeing Fiona now going on 5 Years and not only has Fiona taught me about my nutrition, I've learned there is not a one size fits all solution, you have get in tune with yourself and learn to have healthy relationships with everyone around you but not only that, you need to have a healthy relationship with yourself.
My journey is ongoing, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’ve lost this big number on the scales and that is what motivates me, I’ve had a rough few years and through Fiona’s counselling and advise have learned to not carry this around with me in my everyday life. I have learned to respect my mind and nourish myself, I have learned that sleep is important, Stress can happen but I’ve also learned how to deal with it (by not turning to the chocolate aisle) and most importantly I have learnt to love myself again.
I highly recommend Fiona and the team at Informed Health, and if you’ve gotten this far then you contacting Fiona will be the next best step you will ever take!

Thanks Nadine, it was an honour to be with you on your journey to health. Fiona

 by Salome
Thanks for your guidance

I would like to say thank you to Fiona and her team for showing me the way to a healthy lifestyle. I work as a chef and I am well aware of what good nutrition means but I have failed to see what rushing your own meals can do to my body. I knew some foods were hurting my body but now I learn with their help to take the time for my own nutrition. They were very thoroughl with the test and also friendly and were not judging me for getting myself into such unhealthy levels. I will recommend their service to anyone that feels unhealthy and unhappy with their bad habit.

Thanks Salome, it was a pleasure. Fiona

 by Marcel Viera
Thank You!

I first me with Fiona to discuss some health concerns I was having. I had some awareness of what foods I thought were good for me. Little did I know that what I was consistently eating was affecting my health and wellbeing in a negative way. I thought they were healthy foods but Fiona was able to explain how what I was eating was working against me. The education I received, coupled with advice and a clear action plan, has meant that I now understand my body better and the concerns I had have gone. Thanks Informed Health!

Thanks Marcel, it has been a pleasure working with you to support your health. Fiona

 by Linda
Fluid retention gone!

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Rebecca. I was struggling when I first met Rebecca. I was pre-diabetic and had chronic fluid retention to name just a few things. Rebecca showed me that by following a diet low in carbs and sugar I could make a difference to my life. The fluid retention disappeared in a matter of weeks and my blood sugar readings 6 months later were in the normal range. Most of all I would like to thank Rebecca for always being supportive, even when I was sabotaging myself. Her ability to say just the right thing, and be there for me was exactly what I needed. I felt I didn't just learn how to improve my health, but that Rebecca really cared about my progress . She was a huge emotional support to me. Thank you Rebecca!

It was a pleasure working with you Linda, thanks for your kind words. Rebecca

 by Martha
I have Energy again!

I was at my wits end with how tired, fatigued and lethargic I was feeling that something had to change.
Rachel pinpointed that my liver needed some care and I had to eat more protein, no gluten and less dairy as well as take some supplements. Since doing so, I now sleep through the night and I have energy throughout the day.
If I had gone to a GP they would have given me more meds. By seeing Rachel I think we got to the root of the problem and the fix is permanent rather than a band-aid approach!
Thanks Rachel for your ability to listen and your expertise in knowing what I needed.

 by Ben Miller
Rachel Fox

Hi Rachel,
I'd just like to say thank you for your help over the last few months.
I was skeptical thinking you might prescribe me a diet that would be to hard to follow with my busy life style, but it was quite the opposite.
you've actually made cooking and preparing food more simple for me.
The nutrition plan I'm following has been life changing, I'm no longer hungry and lethargic threw out the day and I'm sleeping better then ever to.
I firstly saw Rachel to get a diet to add muscle and loose fat and its worked better then expected so far.. Unexpectedly iv notice improvements in memory and concentration as well.
Im looking forward to working with Rachel in the future and i would definitely recommend seeking her professional help.

 by Kerin jarvis
Congestion and lethargy gone!

I've been doing Rachel's 16 week program, it initially seemed expensive however as I began to see results I soon realized it was an very worthwhile investment into my good health. I could spend money now to prevent becoming diabetic or worse, or I could opt out and continue to feel awful and allow my health to decline. I had slow thyroid, endometriosis, lethargy, congestion, obesity, high blood pressure and sometimes depression. Rachel has taught me how to eat for my body, and I have so much more energy!! I also no longer clear my throat constantly and I've lost 6kg. I'm only half way through the program with such great results. Rachel is kind and soooo knowledgeable, I always appreciate the way she explains things in detail so I understand the "why" of what I'm doing. This is a lifestyle change forever for me. And I highly recommend you joining in too. Just be prepared to be bouncing through your day after a few months instead of dragging your feet along everywhere

 by Dana P
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I was already a fit person who ate 70/30 Paleo diet, but even with a mostly healthy diet was still constantly bloated (80% of the day), constantly tired and lacked motivation. Since seeing Rachel my life has done a 180. I almost forget what it's like to feel bloated, I have so much energy I only go to sleep so I get the recommended 8 hours, not because I am tired and I am motivated to enjoy exercising again. Rachel is kind and caring and listened to my symptoms and was able to pinpoint my triggers almost instantly. She recommended suppliments which are more suited to my body, rather than generic ones off the shelf. I feel human again! Thank you, Rachel!

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