Where are you located?


1 Lemko Place

Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Centre
Nepean Private Specialist Centre, 1A Barber Avenue

508 Bells Line of Road

You can find full contact details on the contact page.

When are you open?

Due to Rebecca being on maternity leave and Fiona being on family leave, we are currently not accepting any new clients until September. Minimal consultations are being done online via Telehealth with existing clients. Penrith and Kurmond are still available for pick-up of supplements, Miessence skincare and bone broths etc via arrangement.

Penrith - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday mornings and most Saturdays

Kingswood - Fridays (Fiona is available at Penrith Physiotherapy Sports Centre, Suite 1A, Nepean Private Specialist Centre
1A Barber Avenue, Kingswood, Bookings for Kingswood can be made on phone: 4721 5568 or online at https://penrithphysiotherapy.com.au/nutritionist/

Kurmond - Monday, Wednesday

How many practitioners are at Informed Health?

We have two Nutritionists available in Penrith and one available in Kurmond and Kingswood. Find out more on our about us page.

Do you offer consultations at Kurmond?

Yes we do, except for testing appointments. Testing appointments are held in our Penrith clinic where out testing equipment is set up and ready to go. The only practitioner available at Kurmond is Fiona, online bookings are not available for Kurmond.

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How do I prepare for my Initial Consultation?

Prior to the Initial Health Assessment or Initial Nutrition Consultation you will receive an email with instructions and link to our online health questionnaire. For more information about what is included in the Initial Health Assessment Package go to our Initial Health Assessment Package page. Refer to emails for any instructions.

What are the Initial Consultation options?

  1. Initial Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes): Includes Includes thorough health assessment, Nutritional and Recipe Guide (including eating plans and recipes written by our nutritionists) and treatment recommendations by a qualified Nutritionist. $197. This consultation is held online via Telehealth video call.
  2. Initial Health Assessment Package (2-3 hours): Includes comprehensive testing and Report of Findings including consultations/recommendations/Nutritional and Recipe Guide (including eating plans and recipes written by our nutritionists) . Read more about what is included here. $394. This consultation is currently not available due to COVID-19.

Can I claim my Nutrition Consultations through my private health fund?

Yes, if your health fund covers Nutrition and if your level of cover includes Nutrition. We always provide receipts with the correct provider number and details for you to use in your claim. Phone or Skype consultations are not covered by health funds. At this stage health funds only cover consultations that are held in person, currently our consultations are all being held online so you would need to check with your health fund if they will still cover you.

Yes we do Telehealth video Consultations

Do you offer online or phone consultations?

Yes we do, all of our consultations are held via Telehealth video consultations or phone at the moment.

Can I do allergy/sensitivity testing at Informed Health?

Yes, we have options for IgG and IgE testing (blood tests) for our clients that can be discussed during your consultation. These tests are only available to clients; we will not facilitate testing if you are not a client as we have duty of care to ensure you understand your results.

I have been diagnosed with Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity or Coeliac Disease, can you help?

Yes, absolutely! Our Nutritionists are gluten free and will be able to guide you through your diet change to avoiding gluten and treat/heal your gut and avoid nutrient deficiencies.

I am lactose intolerant /dairy sensitive - can you help me create a healthy diet where I get enough calcium without milk?

Yes, absolutely. Our Nutritionists are dairy free and will be able to guide you through your diet change to avoiding dairy/lactose, treat/heal your gut and ensure you are not or don’t become nutrient deficient (eg calcium).

Can you help me with LCHF, Keto or Paleo Diet?

Yes we can.

How long have you been in business? Who owns the business?

Fiona has been practicing under the name Informed Health since 2007, the business has been trading as Informed Health Pty Ltd since April 2011. Fiona Kane is the owner/Director.

Is Informed Health on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Yes, both you can find links on the Contact Us page.
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