Need inspiration to help you to achieve your health goals?

learn what’s been getting in the way and insights into how to achieve your health goals with seven simple strategies to kick start your wellness journey.

Begin 2023 better than ever, join our 5 day Kick Start to Wellness to learn something each day during Facebook live videos with our experienced nutrition practitioners that you can put into practice right away. We will provide inspiration, motivation so you can gain momentum to ensure you begin the year in a healthy way.

Maybe you have health goals and just don’t know where to begin? You just know that nothing has worked. This is your chance to have access to our experienced practitioners for 5 days! Our practitioners will help you to identify and set realistic health goals.

This 5 day program will introduce you to nutrition and mindset strategies that nourish your mind and body and give you a fresh perspective.


Within our private Facebook group, you will learn:

  • The power of identifying your limiting beliefs
  • The common myths that prevent you from achieving your health goals
  • What is eating mindfully and how will it help you achieve good health
  • The power of gratitude
  • An introduction to food and mood
  • A new way of looking at emotional/stress eating
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • You will receive support to identify and set at least one realistic health goal to get you on your way to good health and wellbeing!
Dairy Free Nutritionist

Yes that is right, less than an avocado toast or 3 coffees from your fave cafe!
This is your opportunity to try something different, get off that old merry go round and learn the right strategies for long term success.
Next year you will look back at this time and know it was the best $17 you have ever spent!

The kick start to wellness begins on Monday 9 January and will run in a private Facebook group.

One of our nutritionists will do a daily live video and a post with a new strategy or two (the videos will be available to watch any time during the challenge and for 5 days after).


What’s included in the challenge:

  • Access to challenge Facebook group for 10 days where you will receive information and encouragement
  • Daily videos and posts by our experienced practitioners for five days
  • 5 day Kick Start E-book/Workbook
  • A new perspective to set you up for success this year!


About us:

Fiona Kane and Rebecca Varcoe

Fiona is a nutritionist, holistic counsellor and mind body eating coach. Rebecca is a nutritionist and healthy food expert. Together they operate Informed Health – Mind Body Nutrition. They live and breathe all things nutrition, and connect with their community by regularly speaking about health and nutrition on the radio and in workplaces, gyms, schools and more.

Their approach to their client needs is unique. They firmly believe the body and mind work together, and that the best outcomes for patients can be achieved by focusing on this connection in the programs they offer.

Fiona and Rebecca have travelled the path from uncertainty to good health themselves. They understand the type of journey you are about to embark upon, and will help you achieve your desired outcomes in a caring and professional manner.

After working with more than 1,000 clients with varying health issues, they know what works and how to get results. They don’t judge, there is no competition, and their clients are always treated with respect during their own personal health journey.

They are great partners to help you boost your physical and emotional health. Here is some more information on Fiona’s journey from stroke to strength.

Rebecca and Fiona – Our Nutritionists
Who is this program for?

Someone who is:

  • Over 18
  • Tired of doing the same old thing and not getting results
  • Interested to find out what has been stopping you up until now
  • Open to exploring new ways of thinking about nutrition and health
  • Want to begin to learn how to nurture and nourish yourself
  • Want to kick start yourself into new healthy habits
Who this program is not for

This program is not for you if:

  • you are under 18 years old
  • likely to sign up and never take any action
  • looking for a personalised plan (this is a group program only). For more info about our personalised Initial Nutrition Consultation click here.
When does the program start and finish?

Monday 9th January 2023 through to Friday 13th January 2023

What will I receive when I enrol?

After your initial enrolment, you will receive confirmation email with a link to the private Facebook group. Please let us know if that isn’t the case, email

The Facebook group gives you access to our videos and any general discussion arising from those videos. You will also recieve a workbook to download that you can use to take notes and write your goals. This will be available to download in the Facebook group.

Do I need to read the e-book?

Preferably yes, as it is a kind of note taking/workbook. 

So if you wish to get the most from the program, we highly recommend reading it. (We promise it’s an easy read.)

How long do I have access to the program's Facebook group?

While the program itself runs for 5 days, we’ll keep the Facebook group going for another 5 days following the end date to give you a chance to catch up on any videos you have missed. 

Afterwards, we’ll encourage you to join our bigger group.

Is there an eating plan provided in this program?
No. However, you’ll receive some dietary tips to get you started on a healthier way of eating.
What’s included in the Facebook Live sessions?

We’ll conduct Facebook live sessions each day during the program. 

During these sessions we’ll go through the tools and strategies outlined in the work book. 

You can get involved and ask lots of questions or simply observe. It’s totally up to you. 

What if I can't watch the Live sessions?

If you can’t tune into the Facebook Live sessions, that’s okay.

They’ll be saved into the group, so you can watch the replay whenever it suits you until 5 days after the program.

How much support will I receive in the program?

Every day at midday we’ll provide an educational session in a Facebook Live video, we will also answer any questions. 

We’ll also regularly check in and interact with the group to ensure everyone has all the information they need.

Is the program covered by Medicare?


Is the program covered by health funds?

No, health funds generally don’t cover online wellness programs. It is best to check directly with your health fund.

Registrations are currently closed.
Please contacts us at for enquiries

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