It will be run from 1 June 2019 online through a closed Facebook group, Health Reset with Informed Health:

(You will not be approved into the group until you have booked into and paid for the program).

What you need to know about doing a Detox

Have you heard people say, you don’t need to do a detox, your liver and kidneys detoxify all the time don’t they? The answer is yes, however; how efficiently they can complete their detoxification task depends on many factors including:

  • digestive health
  • liver health
  • kidney health
  • how often you eat
  • what you eat
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • medications
  • the toxic burden in your body and the list goes on…….
Detoxification can be really beneficial for health, having benefits including:
  • clear and healthy skin
  • improving your digestion
  • helping with sleep
  • improving your energy
  • to initiate weight loss
  • and to get you back on track to healthy eating

One of the biggest barriers in your your body’s ability to detox efficiently is a high sugar/carbohydrate diet (which is pretty standard in the western world now). This type of diet creates higher insulin requirements in the body which decreases an enzyme called p450 which is made in the liver. The p450 enzyme is an enzyme that allows you to detoxify your body properly. Without p450, more toxins are held in our fat cells and the liver doesn’t work as efficiently. If you lose weight without increasing p450, you will be more likely to increase cellulite and decrease your muscle building capacity.

It is important to understand that a detox is not about starving yourself, it is about getting the right nutrient balance into your body and the right conditions to support efficient detoxification, healthy digestive function and basically giving your body what is needs to work efficiently.

When done without supervision detox can potentially be dangerous. It may not be safe for you if you have certain health conditions such as kidney disease. Buying a detox in a box that is not prescribed specifically for you by a qualified health professional is definitely not recommended, nor is doing an unsupervised juice cleanse. If you do your own detox and your body doesn’t have the right nutrients to support you, there is a risk releasing toxins into your system and not efficiently removing them from the body, this can make you very sick so we recommend you only do supervised detoxes with a health professional trained in this area, such as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner.

This detox isn’t like a store bought program it is a practitioner only program scientifically based to support your body to efficiently eliminate toxins with the guidance of our Nutritionists. It is designed specifically for excellent results and safety which is especially important if you are taking any medications.

The Health Reset Package includes:

  • Nutritionists will review your questionnaire and get you set up in the program.
  • E-book – Health Reset Eating Plan and Nutritional Guide including 4 meal plans, recipes, tips and much more. It is gluten free and dairy free.
  • Three targeted practitioner only products to support a healthy cleanse.
    1. The first product assists with gut health, liver and cellular detoxification processes. Protection against reactive toxins and support phase II liver detoxification.
    2. The second product supports gastrointestinal and kidney detoxification, supporting alkalinity to assist waste elimination.
    3. The third product rebuilds native commensal flora populations; improves microbiome composition, function of healthy gut flora and gut barrier integrity.
  • Our Nutritionists will check the Facebook group every day for questions and share useful tips, articles etc.


Pricing options:

  1. If you can pick up your Nutritional Supplements from Informed Health Nutritional Wellbeing Centre Penrith or Kurmond, it will be $297 in total (this includes two weeks worth of nutritional supplements). It is $497 for four weeks worth of nutritional supplements. There is a payment plan option if you are collecting from Informed Health, extra fees will apply.
  2. If you can’t pick them up and require delivery it will be broken down into two payments. $87 payable to Informed Health via EFT or credit card over the phone. We will set up a prescription on the Metagenics website so you can confirm and complete your order for the supplements, the pricing of supplements may vary by approx $10 depending on delivery fees. Metagenics supplements will be approx $220 including delivery (for 2 weeks worth of nutritional supplements).

Note: You will fill in a short questionnaire before you are approved to go ahead with the Health Reset, our Nutritionists will assess if it is safe for you to undertake a cleanse. We will need to adjust this program for you if you have certain illnesses such as kidney disease, in cases of some medications. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is not safe to do a cleanse; we can however put you on a healthy nutrition program. Any alterations to the program will alter the price so we will notify you on an individual basis of what the altered price will be before you commit to the program.

To apply to do the Health Reset Program please email so we can send through the questionnaire. Please indicate in your email if you will be picking up your supplements or will require the delivery option. The Health Reset begins on 1 June 2019 and goes for 30 days.

Find out more about our Practitioners here.


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