Do you need help with your nutrition?

Have you received a recent medical diagnosis? Are you experiencing health issues?

We can help you with specific advice around the best dietary/lifestyle approach for your health. Our treatment plans are designed to help you reduce fatigue, maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and anxiety and feel better and in control. We give you the right advice and support to achieve your health goals.

We can help you to achieve healthy digestion including:


irritable bowel syndrome




coeliac disease


food sensitivities

We can help you reduce your risk of:


heart disease and diabetes


high cholesterol


insulin resistance


other metabolic issues

including weight and fatty liver disease

Our mission is to educate, support and inspire people to feel empowered to live their best life

How to support a healthy immune system

Practical foundational nutrition and lifestyle strategies you can implement now to support your immune system.

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We have a holistic approach, it’s not just about food.

We specialise in helping you discover what gets in the way of you achieving your health goals with a focus on:


emotional and stress eating


maintaining energy and stress management




relationship to self and others

(self-talk/narrative, self-care and boundaries)

About Us

Our nutritionists Fiona and Rebecca will help you achieve your health goals. Our small team aims to provide a supportive, nurturing, informative and ultimately healing experience for you. You will learn how to nurture and nourish yourself to health. We use a combination of nutritional medicine, counselling and coaching techniques.

You will learn practical information on health and nutrition and if needed strategies around stress management and emotional eating.

If you are unsure about whether you are best suited to an

individual consultation or one of our group programs,

book a free strategy session with one of our nutritionists

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How to work with us




Initial Nutrition Consultation: This is a 45-60 minute consultation with an experienced nutritionist via a telehealth video. We start with a health assessment, we will spend approx 40 minutes chatting to you and then spend the last 20 minutes writing and emailing any recommendations.


1. Love Your Gut program

Your tummy tune up

Time for a tummy tune up? If you want to resolve your tummy issues, this is the program for you. This is a 6-week online digestive healing program run by our experienced nutritionists in a private Facebook group.

2. Mind and Energy Reset

Strategies to manage your energy and stress levels

Nutritional and lifestyle strategies you can put into place to manage your energy and support good mental health. This is a 4-week online program run in a private Facebook group.

It’s your turn. At Informed Health we help you

nurture and nourish yourself to health

If you are unsure about which option is right for you,

book a free strategy session with one of our nutritionists